Freeze Frame

Brows. A topic that can evoke passion from even the most mild mannered soul.... They frame the face, finalize the look, bring "it" all together. Yet, the current trend is a little over the top for the normal human. And it's intimidating.

So put down the tweezers and the Sharpie and read along. There is a better way, people. And we are here, along with Anastasia Soare the Fairy Godmother of Eyebrows, to help make sense of it all. 

Some time ago, this lovely little Romanian lady decided that there had to be a more logical and replicable way to let the brows carry the face. The Golden Ratio® was born. Anastasia discovered the easiest way to balance every face was through applying the Golden Ratio® to the brows. Her signature technique calculates the exact starting and ending points in conjunction with the ideal arch for each individual face. These three points are the first step in creating symmetry and proportion in the features. Following her dream to make this system accessible for everyone, Anastasia created a set of five patented Stencils that demonstrate the ideal brow shape for every type of face. No matter what features the individual possesses, the stencils work with the Golden Ratio® and natural bone structure to create an ideal custom brow for every person.

The five-piece Brow Kit contains the essential tools to help you create and maintain perfectly-shaped, beautiful brows on your own or between salon appointments. The slim pouch holds five signature stencils based on Anastasia Beverly Hills patented Golden Ratio® method; Brow Powder Duo; Duo Brush #7; Precision Tweezers; and Clear Brow Gel. There really is no better way to keep your brows "on fleek". 

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