Here Kitty Kitty

There is absolutely NOTHING I like better than a good kit. Even before I was a fancy make up artist I gravitated towards well curated collections of things that worked well together. In my early days as a MUA, I found myself very aligned with Trish McEvoy and her approach to make up and tools.

Until very recently, if a client came to me to streamline their cosmetic existence, this MakeUp Planner was my undisputed go-to. (I've since added some incredible options to my arsenal, but more on that later.) During my traveling days, it was my personal make up kit for this very reason. It puts everything in one place, making it easy to access and stow. That is a little piece of magic to me because, if I'm left to my own devices, I have some hoarder tendencies.

Here are some deets from our friends at Gus Mayer on how to make your make up planner work for you:
1. Pick your Planner: Depending on how much makeup you wear and whether you typically apply it at home or on-the-go, select a Petite, Mini and/or Large MakeUp Planner.
2. Pick Pages: Each Planner holds up to three pages. Get the Page size that fits your planner. I can put any pan from any manufacturer into their magnetized pages, and I do.
3. Pick Colors: Pick pans of eye shadow, bronzer, blush and powder for your Pages and choose your favorite makeup pens, pencils and lip colors to complete your look.
4. Pick Brushes and Tools: From a few multitasking essentials to the perfect brush for every feature, your Planner features four custom, elasticized pockets to keep your brushes in top condition.

Once you have all your things in one place, find a way to donate your un- or gently used cosmetics and personal care items to a good cause like Dress for Success!

You can get your Planner, Pages and Products at Trish McEvoy's site or at your friendly neighborhood Neiman Marcus!