Spotlight: Brushes

There's just something about a fabulous make up brush that makes the daily ritual of painting your face even more fun. Trust me on this one...I have my PhD in make up brushes. (It's not a obsession, it's an occupation) 

The right brush can finish the face in a way that looks darn-near digitally enhanced, especially when it's clean. (Another post, but for sure coming) I'm could go on and on about my favorite brushes but I've decided, for today, to focus on a fantastic set from one of the most talented artists I know. These are the Roque Cozzette Infinite collection. They're downright awesome.

This 11 piece set is so comprehensive and thoughtful. There's a gorgeous wood handled brush for every task! These are made of synthetic fibers, which was against all that I believed in for the longest time. But Roque has figured out how to replicate the beautiful goat and squirrel fibers that I love in a way that is 100% cruelty free. They're made in the USA & Germany and are designed to work well for artists and real humans! The very best news is that they are $111.00 right now! Order them directly from the Roque at…/infinite-makeup-brush-set/ and tell them Shannon from Something You...Make Up Artistry sent you! If you're local to the DFW area, swing by, we have them for sale in our studio!

Be sure that you're cleaning your brushes properly to ensure gorgeous skin AND application! And yes, there's a post on that coming soon! XOOXXOXO