Stay Hydrated!

Our skin takes a beating all summer long with the Texas heat and sun only to be sucked dry by the cold, relentless wind once we skip fall and go right into winter. So, the question I get on nearly a daily basis is "How do I keep my skin from feeling crusty?"...and let me tell you, I'm right there with you. Between heaters, getting in and out of the car 100 times during the holidays, being scared to death of oil in skin care and the desire scrub, our delicate little faces need some recovery and relief!

So, about 2 years ago I started oil cleansing and that {straight up} changed my life. I'd always recommended oils to clients (like Clarins Lotus Oil...but more on that gem later) but I'd never really felt like my skin care regimen was missing anything, so I didn't really dig much further than that. ENTER MOTHERHOOD and the weirdness that it brings to your skin! Suddenly, nothing could keep me from feeling dry and tight. Not oil cleansing, not moisturizer with industrial strength emollients, nothin'...

So I took to Pinterest for some research and after I filled my brain with all kinds of crap that I'll never actually use, I decided that I needed an oil to add to my skincare life. 

Lots were tested, many were loved, but I settled on Limelight by Alcone 's Must Dew Oil. I've since paired it with their Skin Therapist Moisturizer and it's just the most delicious smelling drink that your skin could ask for! It's perfect under makeup, I add the Must Dew to my foundation from time to time to get a gorgeous glow or I'll press it into clean moist skin and get into a hot bath for a relaxing treat. And did I mention it smells like a dream? Cuz it does.

The greatest thing about this skincare line is the ingredient list. They are phthalate free, paraben free, chemical free and cruelty free...I'm pretty ok with all that. There are so many other things in the line that are pretty great, but this is my skin's JAM right now!
Full disclosure, I love it so much that I'm about to start carrying it at the Something You...Make Up Artistry studio! You can get your mits on it here:…/produc…/skincare/boosters