Turn Around, Bright Eyes!

Q: Who doesn't want to look professionally lit at all times?  
A: No one. The answer is NO ONE doesn't want that. 

Every day we struggle to look put together and awake despite the actual circumstances of life. Some days we pull it off, somedays we don't. I have had a much higher rate of personal and professional success in this department since the introduction of the Senna Cosmetics Cosmetics HD Eye Lift. It's seriously magic. Delicious, bright, light diffusing magic.

Here's the downlow from Senna creator Eugenia Weston: 
"This translucent yellow powder uses HD light diffusing mineral pigments to instantly brighten under eye darkness, smooth expression lines, set concealer and highlight any areas of the face. Hydrating and soothing Golden Seaweed helps stimulate collagen to repair while you wear. Lightly dust Mineral Eye Lift Powder over your under eye concealer with the small fluffy brush to set concealer and brighten eyes or use as an all-over eyelid color or highlighter with the flat 'lay down' brush. This powder also photographs beautifully as a face highlighter. Apply with a small fluffy brush to cheekbones, brow bone, or cupid bow of lip." 

I am honestly in love with everything Senna does. Her brow powders, her brushes, her in general. Since it's technically a pro product, you probably haven't heard of it, but that doesn't mean you can't have it! Buy directly from them here: http://www.sennacosmetics.com/--p-1232.html and tell them we sent you!